A global firm with comprehensive Knowledge Management and Litigation Support Consulting services, Capital Novus offers litigation risk management to Law Firms, Corporations, and Government clientele. By utilizing in-house developed technologies to address a customer’s unique requirement, Capital Novus’ seamless support on projects is targeted towards accurate and efficient work product that saves money, time, and resources for customers.


global-reach GLOBAL REACH

An ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, Capital Novus maintains seven processing facilities complete with technical and secure international hosting capabilities, in 6 countries.


how-can-we-help HOW WE CAN HELP

With unparalleled engineering, program management, and consulting teams that deliver reliable and efficient services, Capital Novus stands ready to assist clients throughout the litigation risk mitigation cycle.


data-reusabilityDATA REUSABILITY

Capital Novus’ in-house developed software provides clients with the versatility to share data across multiple matters, parties, or entities to leverage work product that is collected during one matter for reuse in other matters that have similar criteria.


automated document profiling ADP & CONTENT ANALYTICS

Developed with a robust Content Analytics platform, Automated Document Profiling (ADP) is the most advanced predictive coding and technology assisted review solution to address challenges with large data quantities.


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