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Flexibility to Gain Competitive Advantage

For over 15 years Capital Novus has been an industry leader developing innovative eDiscovery and Information Governance solutions. Our world- class technology suite is backed by passionate data scientists, disciplined engineers and enthusiastic support professionals. Partnering with Capital Novus you will see innovative solutions that are delivered with consistency and reliability.


Partner Program

partner programCapital Novus is committed to ensuring trusted and profitable relationships. We view our Partner Program as a strategic channel to provide our customers the richest experience using Capital Novus technology. We recognize and reward our most committed and qualified Partners.

We provide you the tools, resources, and support needed to enjoy technical and cost advantages over your competition.  With different levels of partner engagement and business models, you choose the relationship that is right for you:

  • Service Provider (Litigation Support) / Reseller Partner
  • Consulting /Advisory Partner
  • Technology Solutions Partner

Among a host of benefits, our Programs provide:

  • Dedicated resources to help you better engage your customers
  • Training and knowledge transfer to ensure you are equipped to present and deploy the Capital Novus Solutions
  • Technical Support Tools and Assistance to provide the right level of post-sale support

Collectively these resources assist our Partners with the ability to successfully respond to new business opportunities and increase value to your customers. 


End-to-End Solution

Continual process improvementThe Capital Novus end-to-end product portfolio covers the entire data life-cycle. From corporate servers and Legal Holds/collections to the single-platform administration of processing, Early Case Assessement/culling, review, and production of electronically stored information through an integrated powerful, scalable, and analytics-driven suite of modules. We provide a powerful and easy-to-use experience to manage enterprise data and analytics and Predictive Coding/TAR-enabled review and production. 



Flexible Licensing Options for Orgnaizations of All Sizes

These product solutions are now available through on- and off-premise licensing options, as well as through Capital Novus’ fully managed services. The Capital Novus licensing model includes eZSuite™, an integrated modular suite of eDiscovery solutions that provides seamless management of data and superior efficiency, incorporating the best-performing content intelligence and superior analytics technology in the market.

On-Premise Licensing

For firms, corporations, and service providers that prefer to manage their eDiscovery operations in-house and have their own dedicated resources and IT support, Capital Novus’ on-premise technology installation is the perfect solution!

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

More and more law firms and corporations are moving to the Infrastructure as a Service model for more efficient use of resources and eliminating the hassle of hardware procurement, upgrades, maintenance, and security-related spending.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service is the perfect solution for organizations who wish to use shared hardware and resources to manage their eDiscovery requirements. NovusCloud™ is a cost-effective solution that eliminates investment of resources in hardware, internal IT, maintenance and related data security needs for companies using Capital Novus’ shared resources.


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