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Comprehensive GRC Solutions

Corporate Information Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) professionals are challenged by today’s data-rich environment to manage and secure the vast amounts of information generated in the normal course of doing business – some information possibly being sensitive in nature or subject to legal or company compliance rules. Enterprise corporate data can be generated at various sources, and may be similarly stored in various, unrelated silos. For the purposes of understanding and managing all this data, not to mention minimizing the risk and potential liability of failing to follow compliance or litigation requirements, GRC professionals require better ways to consolidate, manage, monitor, and audit/report on enterprise data over traditional time consuming, labor intensive, and expensive manual processes.

nayaEdge, the Capital Novus Information Governance solution, enables consolidation, insight, and effective management and control over enterprise information, automating GRC policy enforcement. The scalable nayaEdge platform facilitates robust and flexible file analysis on enterprise locations, smart archiving based on business rules for different types of data sources, and compliance and monitoring of company and legally mandated policies (including international/General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR). nayaEdge also enhances litigation readiness, and enables speedy and effective identification, preservation, collection and management of litigation discovery (eDiscovery). Click here for more information.


Robust Secure Collaboration

Prudent business practices demand more control over information in sensitive and confidential areas, such as Financial Transactions and the Defense Industry/National Security. Communication and file sharing in these areas may require special diligence, monitoring, and at times auditing not only to satisfy company policies and stakeholder expectations of privacy, but also to comply with legal requirements. Disclosure, delays, or other errors in managing documents and communications in these sensitive areas can result in significant consequences such as fines/sanctions, civil or criminal liability, and loss of reputation and business. Corporate professionals require a more modern and secure way of communicating and sharing files over traditional emails and attachments and unsecured file sharing solutions.

Capital Novus’ Cryptacomm provides secure, encrypted environment for access and management of sensitive and confidential information. It scalably consolidates communication and documents into a single repository where stakeholders (internal and external) can access and collaborate in a controlled/permission-based fashion, to discuss and edit documents in real-time and track/audit the matter and its related documents and tasks. Cryptacomm provides a scalable, real-time collaboration space for sensitive corporate matters – a modern, more secure and efficient alternative to emails. Click here to learn more about Cryptacomm


Powerful Presentation Graphics Consulting

How information is presented can significantly affect its persuasiveness in corporate presentations. From financial information for boards of directors, benefits of a merger to a friendly company, or employee training on compliance policies, to press briefings and shareholder meetings, impactful graphic illustrations can make the difference.

The Capital Novus Trial Presentation and Graphics team assists in the preparation of corporate presentations. With the goal of addressing the context as well as the facts at issue, the team works with company representatives to develop compelling, informative, and persuasive graphical presentations to explain desired corporate messaging.


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