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eZReview screenshoteZReview has been empowering case teams with intuitive, flexible and automated document review functionality for almost 15 years. Powered by eZAnalytics, it’s proven solutions provide a powerful blend of content analytics, predictive coding, and advanced search technology while maintaining ease of use and an optimized user interface. Renowned for its security and reliability, as the review module in Capital Novus’ eZSuite, eZReview provides a best-in-class user experience, scaling to enable legal teams the ability to handle even the most complex cases to efficiently and collaboratively review large quantities of electronic documents.

eZReview® Delivers


Gain Insight About the Data  
  • Holistic and Multi-Dimensional Insight into Data Content
  • Content Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
  • Complex Search Building
  • Machine Learning (TAR)


Efficiently Identify and Classify Documents  
  • Automated Workflows & Batch Assignments
  • Reviewer Management
  • One-Click Coding (Group Tagging)
  • Document Groupings


Gain Insight and Control over the Review Process  
  • Reviewer Productivity & Quality Analysis
  • Comprehensive Auditing
  • Review Rules & Minimum Coding Requirements
  • Classification Rates
  • Production Reporting


Easily Complete Discovery Goals  
  • In-depth Analysis of Work Product to Continuously Improve Case Strategy
  • Deposition Preparation
  • Production Staging
  • Witness Binders
  • Privilege Logs


eZReview® Key Benefits
  TAR/PREDICTIVE CODING Achieve 70% to 90% savings in review costs by focusing on the most relevant data
  ANALYTICS Key-phrase and thematic clustering, email threads, duplicates, near-duplicates, email domains, entity and integration with eZVUE for deep-dive data analysis
  SCALABILITY AND PERFORMANCE Supports terabytes of data, native file formats, and multiple redaction/ annotation overlays
  SECURE & DEFENSIBLE ISO 27001 and 9001 Certified, using accepted industry processes and best practices including random sampling
  HIGH USER ADOPTION Simple navigation, intuitive interface, and rapid learning curve allow users to quickly begin the review
  MULTI-LINGUAL SUPPORT Unicode compliant with simple interface for user-generated translations
  EFFICIENT & ACCURATE Complex search building, customized workflows, and logic-driven review rules to automate decision-making
  QUALITY & CONSISTENCY Highly redundant infrastructure and robust status reporting
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