nayaEdge The Complete Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Monitoring Solution

nayaEdge is a comprehensive information governance solution that enables organizations to streamline their governance, risk management and compliance requirements with efficient information management and smart archiving to gain better insights and understanding into their data. It can help organizations improve data quality by implementing stringent compliance requirements and standards, maintain data integrity during legal hold, and consolidate data security with efficient data storage to fulfill archival and compliance requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Leveraging the business data in this digital age is key to maximizing benefits, gaining competitive advantage and critical insights while reducing the risks. nayaEdge’s architecture allows for high scalability that ensures efficient management of high data volume during spike periods. Flawless security design controls who all can access the information, ensuring simplistic user access. The de-duplication process reduces operational costs to implement record retention and information governance policies, and helps in controlling the cost of compliance and litigation support.

Smart Archival & Data Repository 
nayaEdge is an enterprise content management system, and not a disaster recovery archive of all company data. It creates a smart data repository that is essential for managing, accessing, and controlling key business data. The platform provides efficient information archiving in stores that collect data from a variety of data/information sources by adhering to stringent industry and government regulations, thus substantially reducing the investment in IT storage infrastructure and preparing organizations for possible litigation. This deployment of nayaEdge reduces major burden on IT and disaster recovery processes, and completely simplifies the process of data retrieval across all departments within an organization.

nayaEdge’s robust monitoring feature allows organizations to formulate policy-based compliance rules to filter their enterprise content and ensure insightful supervision of content to meet various regulatory and policy requirements. Organizations can create their own customized compliance policies in accordance with their regulatory requirements, thereby reducing organization risks, as stringent compliance measures, litigation preparedness and investigation needs are met.

Legal Hold
nayaEdge's Legal Hold Module ensures efficient legal hold management for an organization in compliance with various policy-based regulations. Users can define a legal hold and attach criteria to collect critical data from various stores that can be repeated in a set recurrence pattern. Organizations can significantly mitigate the risk of possible legal sanctions through better defensibility of data captured in legal holds.

Inventory and File Analysis

  • Standard and Custom File Metadata capture
  • Capture Document Security and Access Right details
  • Facets to easily analyze file Metadata
  • Multiple Report and Export options
  • Visualization
  • Audit Logging
  • Deletion options

Content Analysis

  • Document Normalization and Processing of over 350+ types of documents
  • E-Mail and other document container processing
  • Content Extraction and flexible Rule Engine
  • De-duplication and Document Analytics
  • Automatic Classification and Language Recognition
  • Rule base records retention schedules
  • Record/Document automatic purging and option to delete original content
  • Flexible Legal Hold and Export options


The Complete Solution for Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Monitoring

nayaEdge works seamlessly with eZSuite and Cryptacomm This enables you to have a complete, end-to-end workflow to meet your information governance needs.

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