Case Studies

A renowned bank that was still relying on a legacy paper-based system and manual processes was facing many difficulties carrying out its banking processes and information-sharing activities leading to process inefficiencies, and skyrocketing costs for transport, fuel, paper, couriers, etc. The bank successfully leveraged and deployed Cryptacomm, which optimized and streamlined all the processes across the bank, and reduced costs and dependence on paper.

Amidst the increasing costs and pressures of managing and updating vast amounts of course materials, and administering examinations and other assignments of students, Educational Institutions can embrace a unified communication and collaboration solution – Cryptacomm – to meet their requirements most conveniently and cost-effectively.

An educational institution was facing immense difficulties in streamlining its asset-management process, leading to inefficiencies in deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in a cost-effective way. The institution successfully leveraged and deployed Cryptacomm to better streamline the asset management process and derive maximum value from all of its assets.

An Organization used robust reporting and analysis features in eZManage (the Capital Novus Project Management tool) to drive a systematic effort to improve its processes and workflows. The Organization used eZManage to capture key metrics and to promptly identify and address gaps in knowledge, training, and communication – enabling it to better and more efficiently serve its clients.

A multinational pharmaceutical company installed nayaEdge to modernize the security, storage, analysis, and purging of its enterprise data, including masses of personal information from across the European Union, and to prepare for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on  May 25, 2018.

Using nayaEdge (the Capital Novus Information Governance solution), a multinational Financial Services Provider could have consolidated and gained deep insight into its unstructured enterprise data and seamlessly managed its financial data to ensure end-to-end regulatory Compliance.

A litigation law firm employed Cryptacomm, the Capital Novus document collaboration platform, to manage sensitive and confidential client data while ensuring that the case team and the client could easily and securely access documents.

A large, global health care company used the eZProcess Search Hit report to achieve 90% reduction of a data set containing over 2 million documents.

An Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, a defendant in multiple lawsuits, successfully leveraged eZVUE (the Early Case Assessment module of the Capital Novus eZSuite) to limit the amount of sensitive data exposed to its outside counsel while also reducing downstream eDiscovery processing and review costs.

A law firm used eZReview (the document review module of the Capital Novus eZSuite) with assistance from the Support team to automate the drafting of complex Privilege Logs – automatically inserting full sentences descriptions of the privilege asserted, thus eliminating the need for expensive manual drafting by attorneys.

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