Training and Certification

Capital Novus offers comprehensive training programs for nayaEdge™, eZSuite™, eZManage™, Cryptacomm®, Arbicomm and Cascade™. Training sessions are led by an experienced team of trainers. 
Training Approach
Our training session focuses on answering four questions, How, What, Why, and When, to ensure all users are able to attain a comprehensive understanding of the application. 
Each training session is designed to accommodate a classroom style lecture, Q&A session, discussion, and practice session.
Training Materials
Customized training material is provided for each user group in both hardcopy as well as electronic format. On-line help files and video tutorials are also available as resources for all users. The following materials are available:
  • Classroom Coursework, including User Manuals, Quick Reference Guides, and FAQs.
  • In-class Practice Material, including real-life scenarios and data sets that participants can use during practice sessions.
  • Video Tutorials, focusing on features of the application and FAQs.
  • Case Studies and Best Practices, including documentation that lists best practices for each area of electronic discovery, and case studies on electronic discovery challenges.
Training Plan
On-site, as well as online, classroom trainings are provided as necessary. For End-User level trainings, Capital Novus recommends a maximum of 50 people. For Operational Users, a maximum of 20 participants is recommended.
The End-User level training can further be customized for the following End-User types:
  • Basic Reviewer
  • Advanced Reviewer
  • Administrator
The Operational User level training can further be customized for the following Operational User types:
  • Server Administrator
  • Database Administrator/Application Developer
  • Litigation Support Specialist
Capital Novus also offers a specially designed course for Trainers. In addition to completing the Train-the-Trainer course, participants have to sit-in on the other training sessions taking place for end-users and operational-users.
Capital Novus offers certifications for our applications for Authorized Resellers, Partners, and Clients. For details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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