Managing Arbitration Documents and Communication

Even today, in dispute resolution a large amount of communication and file sharing (between internal teams and external parties – other lawyers, the Arbitration Panel, experts, consultants, etc.) is done using paper, email, or through unsecured file sharing. Arbicomm by Capital Novus allows arbitration professionals to modernize this inefficient and risky practice. Arbicomm is an encrypted, scalable product that facilitates and controls internal and external collaboration and file sharing. Whether working across the hall or across the globe, practitioners can benefit from available technology in a secure and cost-efficient way – consolidating, managing, and sharing sensitive Arbitration documents. And, yes, using Arbicomm, Arbitration documents can be filed electronically too!

Available as an installed product or on the cloud, Arbicomm offers smart file sharing and collaboration with robust security controls and audit tracking, adding greater transparency and security to Arbitration practice. Users can easily upload, organize, and exchange a large number of documents in a variety of formats, including graphical illustrations and AV. Edit documents in real-time while the application maintains the original, redlined, and final versions, with a redline comparison tool making it easy to compare even subtle differences. Share documents externally using integrated email, or send an access link – designating what can be viewed and how the recipient can interact with the document. Permissions are managed at a granular level, with administrators controlling the unique access and feature requirements for each matter. Activity reports are available at a granular level as well – providing valuable information for monitoring, audits, and process improvement. Stored files can be viewed via notebooks, desktops, or on a handheld device, making it easy to work on the go.

Arbicomm offers a secure, easy-to-use file sharing and collaboration solution, giving more control over Arbitration practice.



A comprehensive solution for Arbitration Case Management

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