Arbitration cases often have an international element from the outset; there will be parties to the case working from different places around the globe whether these are legal practitioners and experts or even members of the Panel. With technology, the entire world is becoming more accessible, and more and more commercial transactions are taking on a global flavor. Thus, the parties to a dispute may be from different countries, and each may select an Arbitrator from a different country. International trade involves international issues, which may require international consultants and experts. Not to mention your own legal team, which may need, as a result, to be scattered throughout the globe. Nevertheless, in order to achieve a speedy and inexpensive resolution (one of the primary goals of choosing Arbitration over litigation), your team may be challenged to manage the Arbitration process with the same speed as if they were all down the hall from each other. The diligence applied to the Arbitration also doesn’t change regardless of its international flavor. The lawyers and parties will still need to discuss, document, scrutinize, and edit (in many cases through several drafts) their strategic decisions, requests to the Panel, settlement proposals, and other issues. Whilst there are numerous advantages to working in different time zones it can make communication and data management a problem as files need to be shared and constantly tracked. It is important therefore to have a secure and auditable collaboration platform in which your team can work, so that your data is not scattered on emails and storage drives. 

Arbicomm provides a one stop cloud solution for your case, a secure data room in which you can upload, share and edit your case documents with a full audit of who is working on what and when. Finally, once you are ready to share your documents or file them for the case - you can provide an access link to 3rd parties whilst maintaining control of what they can and cannot see.



A comprehensive solution for Arbitration Case Management

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