Case Management in Global Arbitration

Arbitrations often have an international component – stakeholders working from different places around the world as legal practitioners, clients, experts, or members of the Arbitration Panel. With technology providing greater connectivity, and more commercial transactions taking on a global flavour, the parties to a dispute may be from different countries, and may select Arbitrators from different countries. International trade involving international issues may require international consultants and experts. Not to mention the internal Arbitration team, which may be scattered throughout the globe.

While some advantages may be gained from working in different time zones (follow-the-sun workflows, participation by team members familiar with native languages and local customs, etc.) dispersed teams can make communication and data management challenging – sharing and tracking documents scattered over sometimes thousands of miles typically by way of email and email attachments or unsecure file-sharing. Regardless of an Arbitration’s international flavour, client pressure and professional standards require the same speed, diligence, and quality of service as if every member of the team worked down the hall. Lawyers and parties still need to discuss issues and edit multiple drafts of documents, regardless of where they are located.

Working from a secure, consolidated collaboration platform overcomes these challenges – leveraging the efficiency of advanced technology to speed communications and workflows, making Arbitration teams better at what they do, while maintaining the highest levels of security. Arbicomm is a secure, encrypted data room allowing team members to upload, share and edit Arbitration documents while tracking who is working on what and when. Robust features allow the team to communicate, assign tasks and documents, and comment/dialogue in a single, searchable environment. And when it’s time to share documents externally, automated features such as integrated email or a secure access link with granular permissions provide greater control over what 3rd parties can and cannot see and what they can do with the document. Arbicomm provides a secure and efficient one-stop solution, allowing Arbitration teams to easily bridge the gap in international matters.



A comprehensive solution for Arbitration Case Management

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