Secure Collaboration for the Arbitration Team

When handling multiple cases and dispersed parties, managing an Arbitration team can be a challenge.

Many practitioners choose Arbitration over litigation with the objective of a speedy, less expensive, and private resolution, yet they are often challenged to satisfy client demands for efficiency and keeping sensitive information out of the public eye. Toward this end, success of an Arbitration may depend on the speed and accuracy of communications and the efficient coordination of activities – evaluating and documenting strategic decisions, filings with the Panel, settlement proposals, etc. – all of which may require multiple drafts and comments. Yet the means of communication for many Arbitration teams is over email, and related documents are managed as email attachments or through unsecured file-sharing methods. This results in scattered and labor-intensive workflows, requiring valuable time and resources and increasing the risk of mistakes and disclosure of sensitive information.

Arbicomm provides speed and control over an Arbitration team’s communication, activities, and documents, consolidating all information relating to an Arbitration in a single repository. Arbicomm allocates tasks and documents to individuals or teams, and monitors: 1) the activities of each user, 2) handling of documents, 3) as well as the overall progress of the Arbitration. Through granular access and feature permissions Arbicomm ensures that users (internal and external) only have access to what they need. Numerous features such as task and document assignments, approval requests, Q&A/comments, alerts, customizable workflows, and closing checklists enable easier communication and better work product. From the perspectives of efficiency, personnel management, and process improvement, robust reporting of activity within a consolidated repository provides comprehensive insight in one place – rather than chasing down documents, search through emails, and follow up separately with each team member. Granular data provide actionable intelligence on how a team works, allowing evaluation and then streamlining to improve effectiveness – working better and faster and reducing time and risk.

Arbicomm facilitates secure and efficient team collaboration in a single deal room, and through robust reporting provides a birds-eye view over Arbitration.



A comprehensive solution for Arbitration Case Management

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