Secure Consolidated Environment for Collaboration and File Sharing

Studies show up to 85% of file sharing with external team members is still being completed using email. A simple and secure way to modernize and eliminate this wasteful and inefficient practice is to integrate a scalable file sharing system that works for internal as well as external team members. Whether working across the hall or across the globe, collaborators benefit from advances in cloud technology that permit organizations to improve productivity by introducing collaboration functionality with state-of-the-art machine learning and standard workflow.

Our solutions offer smart file sharing and collaboration with robust security controls and audit tracking providing greater transparency, security, and neutrality. With Cryptacomm, users quickly and easily upload, organize, and exchange a large number of documents. They edit documents in real-time, while the application maintains the original, redlined, and final versions, making it easy for users to compare the differences. Permissions are controlled to a granular level with administrators facilitating unique access requirements needed for each collaboration. 

Cryptacomm offers a smart, easy-to-use file sharing and information management solution that gets smarter the more it is used. 



An Advanced Virtual Data Room and Secure Document Repository

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