Guarding National Security

Secure Collaboration Environment for National Security Transactions

The Defense Industry provides attractive million dollar contracts, which both private and public sector companies aim to win and work on. With high value projects operating across disparate locations, it is essential to keep projects extremely secure, and safeguard their critical information. Lack of synchronization and collaboration can result in delayed projects, incurring significant monetary and reputation loss, and staining companies with fiscal irresponsibility. Also, with changes in the global marketplace, companies have to comply with various stringent regulatory compliance rules.

Cryptacomm ensures companies that they can establish a highly secure connection with all involved stakeholders, granting them instant access to information from any location in the world. Companies can be assured that all workers have access to the information they need to faithfully carry out their jobs, as well as access to other resources. Cryptacomm’s Question & Answer module streamlines worker queries, and coordinates information exchange between relevant parties. Secure online access to critical project documents, consolidated in one single platform, alleviates the need for physical document collection, organization, and storage. Cryptacomm reduces the costs necessary for storage and security, and eliminates the need to hire legal and compliance consultants, promoting fiscal responsibility.



An Advanced Virtual Data Room and Secure Document Repository

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