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Secure Collaboration Environment for Sensitive Legal Matters

Law firms have traditionally relied on venerable systems to overcome document management challenges, but these systems fall short of fulfilling core document management requirements. As law firms address cases related to Merger and Acquisitions (M&A), and financial fraud, they need to actively collaborate and share confidential data internally with associate lawyers, and externally with other geographically dispersed partners and firms.

Additionally, firms continue to work towards increasing their resource efficiency, and lowering their overall legal expenditure. A collaboration system that supports greater accountability and transparency can support this goal.

Capital Novus can assist law firms with its complete project collaboration platform, Cryptacomm. With its centralized and secure environment for storing, accessing, and sharing documents, Cryptacomm mitigates the burden of file management and strengthens collaboration among geographically dispersed teams, allowing decision makers to discuss and evaluate projects with relevant parties. Enhanced security options give users the confidence to exchange highly confidential information. Cryptacomm’s other modules, including Event Management, Question & Answer, and Email, allow litigators to easily coordinate essential project tasks and information exchange.



An Advanced Virtual Data Room and Secure Document Repository

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