End to End eDiscovery – A Single Solution from Processing to Production

AnalyticsSince the introduction of eDiscovery software, litigation professionals have used various and sundry products to perform eDiscovery tasks.  Market players and niche products historically focused on some, but not all of these functions. Recognizing the challenges of product integration, administration, and tracking of work between multiple products, the eDiscovery market continues to search for an end-to-end installed solution that competently addresses all phases of the eDiscovery lifecycle.

For the past 15 years Capital Novus has focused on providing eDiscovery solutions and, in the process, developed a portfolio of integrated “state of the art” eDiscovery software products (originally deployed in the Fall of 2002). After years of development based on client feedback, and constant and regular use on its own projects, the company recently made the decision to license its software – with the specific purpose of addressing the still-current need for an effective end-to-end solution. The proven nature of these solutions, the bedrock for 15 years of excellence in eDiscovery technologies, with flexible and cost-effective licensing, distinguish Capital Novus in the market.


How it Works ?

e Discovery Workflow desktop


eZSuite is the Capital Novus end-to-end product covering the entire post-collection eDiscovery lifecycle – from processing to production.* This integrated solution provides a powerful, scalable, and analytics-driven suite of modules, administrated through a single platform, for processing/culling, Early Case Assessment, and TAR-enabled review and production. And while providing a full-spectrum solution, the individual eZSuite modules can also be licensed separately to easily plug into alternative workflows and 3rd party products. eZSuite is a proven solution, with over 10,000 users – it has exclusively managing some of the largest and most complex challenges in contemporary global banking litigation and has supported matters of trade theft, misappropriation of intellectual property, fraud on the internet, employment, backdating incidents, and spoliation of evidence, just to name a few.

The eZSuite provides a powerful and easy-to-use experience spanning across the eDiscovery lifecycle. Click here to learn more.

*For pre-processing software capable of managing the identification, hold, and collection of litigation data, check out Capital Novus’ nayaEdge, a comprehensive Information Governance platform that enables organizations to gain better insight and understanding of their enterprise-wide data, and thereby streamline litigation compliance. nayaEdge provides efficient, automatic, scalable, and secure ingestion, consolidation, content categorization, and advanced analytics for all data types, providing maximum benefit for pre-processing eDiscovery tasks. Click here to learn more about nayaEdge.



eZSuite is a unique and powerful end-to-end eDiscovery solution that covers the entire litigation lifecycle.

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