eZProcess Data Proccesing & Culling Tool

Powerful & Flexible Data Processing

Analytics eZProcessThe technical complexities of managing data involved in litigation and government investigations continue to challenge legal professionals. As a necessary step prior to loading into a review product, the processing of raw data is made difficult by the increasing size of data sets and the evolving diversity of data types – with every increase, a corresponding increase in the time and resources needed to manage it. Finding a product capable of catering to any data type, size, and structure is one of the greatest challenges in this area. Also while efficiencies can be gained by automation, hard coding standard workflows make variations and custom/one-off tasks more difficult. Legal professionals also need defensibility when removing irrelevant data and insights into the data set that can be used to make decisions about the how to manage it. Integration is also an issue, with the industry seeking real time streaming of processed data into a single-platform, end-to-end eDiscovery solution (without the nuisance of exporting and importing data) and can ingest any third party load files, as well as the flexibility to work with other review tools in the market.

The eZProcess module of Capital Novus’ eZSuite addresses today’s challenges, and is designed with the flexibility to satisfy tomorrow’s needs. eZProcess seamlessly integrates with other modules in the eZSuite (an end-to-end eDiscovery solution), empowering legal teams to deal quickly with a broad variety of data types and large volumes of data. With its defensible workflows and high scalability, eZProcess gives users full control over their data, enabling them to perform valuable data analysis as it is being processed.



eZProcess is a robust data processing and production module.

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