eZProcess Data Proccesing & Culling Tool

Data Processing

eZProcess is an important module and heartbeat of eZSuite, the electronic discovery platform. It is a robust file handling and analysis solution that provides maximum control over electronic data processing and manages nearly any type of data.  The data processing module can handle millions of documents and multi-terabytes of data in a single case, and quickly and accurately remove the noise from good data, including signatures in email. A few key features are:

  • Provides quick project turnarounds by utilizing leading-edge algorithms.
  • Maximizes a suite of filtering applications to reduce the pool of review documents.
  • Accounts for every bit of data, extracting all embedded objects, identifying exceptions, and auditing all actions.

Not only can eZProcess ingest and convert any third-party load files to other industry-standard formats, but also sends the processed data to any third-party platform.



eZSuite is a unique and powerful end-to-end e-Discovery solution that covers the entire litigation lifecycle.

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