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The ability to quickly understand and then pare down a universe of big data to smaller, more cost-efficient populations is vital to success in today's technology environment. Legal professionals – whether corporate counsel, government attorneys, law firm partners, or service bureaus – are constantly challenged by market and management pressure to surface relevant insights “early on”, enabling them to reach early decisions and better focus the eDiscovery process and case strategy.

  • With document review constituting far and away the greatest expense of litigation and investigations, reducing the amount of data reviewed is the single most successful strategy toward cost reduction.
  • Armed with a thorough understanding of the makeup of a data universe, information-driven decisions can be made pre-review about how the eDiscovery process will be handled. From prioritizing review projects and resources to preparing for and influencing meet & confer discussions, actionable intelligence surfaced “early on” provides greater control over case management.
  • The ability to make deep and rapid sense of not only the nature, but also the content of a data set enables legal professionals to shape case strategy. Understanding the risks, strengths, and weaknesses of potential evidence at an early stage can drive strategic decisions on whether and how to proceed – whether to settle or concede certain issues or prepare for summary judgment or trial.

And if the work has been done once, why do it again? Multiple matters arising out of the same data present unique challenges, and opportunities, for cost and risk reduction. Leveraging work product after review into a single knowledge repository provides insight and confidence in subsequent matters. Prior decisions about key documents and privilege coding, for example, can be quickly replicated on duplicates or near-dups, shaving off the time and expense of re-review, and reducing risk by ensuring consistency in how the documents are treated.

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eZVUE is the Early Case Assessment (ECA) module in Capital Novus’ eZSuite. Powered by eZAnalytics engine, eZVUE provides multi-dimensional content analysis, to thoroughly explore and provide actionable understanding of collected data. eZVUE’s advanced searching/filtering and industry best practice culling techniques drastically reduce the amount of data subject to attorney review (40%-60% average reduction). eZVUE is seamlessly integrated with eZReview (the eZSuite review module), or can be exported to any review platform. After review, eZVUE also serves as a knowledge repository, equipped to handle 250M+ documents in a single database, and providing insight into subsequent projects by re-purposing key work product on the same data. Click here to learn more.



eZVUE, an Early Case Assessment (ECA) platform, enables legal teams to assess risk, focus case strategy, and effectively plan the pre-stages of discovery

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