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Virtually all eDiscovery projects require the production of data, typically delivered to other litigation parties or government regulators. Many variables can influence the format of a production – from federal/state/local court rules or agency requirements to negotiated discovery orders following meet & confer discussions. Requested formats range from standard TIFF+, to native documents, to complex blended requirements. To review the documents, parties may require load files for different platforms, or they may want to use a platform different from an already existing load file. Also, data can originate in international locations – involving foreign languages and subject to foreign regulations and requirements on how to treat personally identifiable information.

Complicating matters, things might change as the case progresses beyond the early stages – issues may arise that were not originally foreseen by the parties. As a result, after review and prior to production, documents may need to be re-OCR’ed to account for new redactions. Re-numbering may be required to avoid obvious gaps from last-minute decisions to remove certain documents. In the worst of cases, additional processing may be required – for example, to build an agency-required custom metadata field listing all custodians with duplicate versions of a document. To sustain defensibility and avoid protracted litigation, professionals demand the ability to track and audit reviewer decisions and activities, production data treatment, and the chain-of-custody. If a case re-opens after archiving, the team may also need to restore a production or reconstruct it from the original data.

Litigation professionals need certainty that the application used to assemble a production is able to meet these requirements. The faster the throughput and more flexibly an application can offer to manage these needs, the less delay and risk, and therefore fewer resources are required to complete the production. Taken a step further, a product that adds features beyond the norm also adds value – not only at the early stage of production, but increasingly throughout the downstream eDiscovery lifecycle.

eZProcess, has a proven track record of delivering eDiscovery results within crucial and time-sensitive deadlines. It is a scalable and full-featured solution that not only meets today’s needs, but also adds value through advanced production features. eZProcess seamlessly integrates with other modules in the Capital Novus eZSuite (an end-to-end eDiscovery solution), while also ingesting and producing load files for any review tool on the market. Automated workflows and customizable templates allow the capture of evolving best practices and flexible streamlining of unique production requirements. Advanced features automatically scrub personally identifiable information, persistently highlight keywords, and (in addition to supporting foreign language characters) support translation of entire documents. Tracking of every user click enables robust, defensible auditing with a complete workflow audit maintained even through post-archive restoration. . eZProcess gives litigation professionals flexible and feature-rich control over how they produce data.


eZProcess is a robust data processing and production module.

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