Business Process Strategy: Cascade, nayaEdge, Cryptacomm

Business Process Strategies

It is often said and can never be understated that, “in order to know where you are going, one needs to understand where you came from.” Some organizations offering the services of business process review tend to believe they have the solution before a problem is presented. In fact, prior to listening to the client’s concerns they have predetermined the list of solutions they will offer and try to box organizations into a path that will not work.

Capital Novus understands the importance of executing an effective and thorough business process review that will help organizations to better meet their strategic goals and objectives. A thorough business process review needs to contain a complete analysis of the organization’s people, process, and technology.

With an approach aimed at providing immediate ROI through streamlining activities and eliminating inefficiencies, Capital Novus’ business process review employs a detailed four step process to understanding your business needs. Those steps are:

  1. End user business process review 
  2. Systems & technology review 
  3. Data Analysis, mining & process discovery 
  4. Findings, recommendations, and potential solutions

Throughout this process, Capital Novus aims to identify key areas where an organization needs to perform well in order to be successful, and to find glaring areas that need immediate attention.

For more information on how we can help you with your Business Process Strategies, please refer to our CASCADEnayaEdge and Cryptacomm.



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