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Defensible, Automated Compliance & Monitoring

Compliance and MonitoringDoing business today can involve numerous layers of regulations and internal company policies. Laws cover virtually every business enterprise – from federal regulation of the financial industry, payment card data, health/medical information, and anti-bribery/corruption activity, to state and local ordinances governing insurance agencies and tattoo parlors. Also, most companies have their own internal policies and codes of conduct regulating things like the use of corporate branding, protection of trade secrets/intellectual property, and standards of ethics and behavior.

While compliance professionals are required to keep up to date on applicable rules and standards and to advise and educate employees within their organization, they can also be challenged by the need to monitor employee activity to ensure compliance. Best practices may require pro-active and regular compliance monitoring, however doing so across a large organization has its own issues, particularly if conducted by way of a manual process or in a piecemeal fashion. Manual processes require valuable time, are subject to human error, and may not provide useful information until days, weeks, or months after a violation occurred, not to mention the time and effort necessary to compile and analyze numerous bits of scattered information in order to identify actionable trends. Delays and missteps can, of course, have significant consequences including termination, fines/sanctions, lawsuits, imprisonment, bad press, and loss of reputation, clients, and business.

nayaEdge, the Capital Novus Information Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution, is a defensible way to pro‑actively monitor compliance, while also enabling compliance improvement and education. nayaEdge enables compliance professionals to leverage technology over a single interface that consolidates and automates the monitoring of enterprise data. It facilitates development and refinement of business rules to match legal and company policies, and monitors compliance through metadata and content searching of employee-generated documents. nayaEdge surfaces relevant documents, generating an alert to inform compliance professionals, who can then take remedial action such as education of the responsible employee(s). Document tags/comments and robust reporting provide an audit trail to help identify trends – actionable intelligence from which to develop process change and policy education and improvement. nayaEdge facilitates a compliance culture, monitoring and enforcing complex compliance rules in an auditable, repeatable, and defensible manner, saving time and resources, reducing risk, and providing greater confidence, predictability, and control.



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