Scalable and Flexible Organization of Big Data

Data ManagementData is growing at a rapid pace and in varied formats. Emails, social media, shared logs, and other data sources generate an overwhelming stream of information for today’s organizations. Having the ability to effectively handle the increase in data sizes is pivotal in any organization’s risk mitigation efforts.

Capital Novus is equipped with experienced data architects who  understand how to design and deliver sound data management solutions that will work best for clients. Striving to help clients design stronger information security architectures, and develop policies, practices, and workflows to properly manage their  data needs ; the software architects at Capital Novus work build  a holistic solution to  drive efficiencies and reduce risk.

By utilizing Capital Novus, clients can control various aspects of the information lifecycle from cradle to grave and build business intelligence and knowledge around their data. Our technology experts and architects provide consultation to  clients on deploying data management solutions behind their firewall or solutions that reside in a cloud. In addition, they counsel  to determine if problem areas such as  data security and privacy, data quality,  content  and , metadata management.

Capital Novus provides an integrated and centralized environment for hosting data and  documents, as well presenting  results of previous data analysis—all of which are easily accessible and reusable in the future. The powerful, extensible, and flexible software developed in-house  allows for solutions to scale up with the data. Thus as the volume, variety, and velocity of the data increases, Capital Novus has the capability to offer solutions that will scale linearly to achieve the maximum throughput.



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