Discovery manager

Discovery Manager

Discovery ManagerDrastically rising data volumes, multiple data sources and a variety of data types have resulted in exorbitantly high costs in order to comply with eDiscovery requirements. Corporations have a legal obligation of data preservation that if not done properly, the result can lead to large volumes of irrelevant, unnecessary or duplicative data.  Given minimal time to react to discovery requests, corporations are forced to rely on either their IT departments, who are not always familiar with the scope of a request or their Legal departments, who are not always familiar with technical complexities of data collection. This often results in hastily over-collecting all sources of possibly relevant information in order to comply with the discovery request and avoid potential sanctions.

Proactive preparedness to data management is essential to not only meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards, but to also smartly oversee the discovery management process. Understanding how to easily find and manage relevant data facilities a seamless transition from successful information governance, identification and preservation to targeted data collection and processing for document review and production. Rather than dealing with the hassle of moving data between incompatible software to achieve different objectives, the right solution should inherently simplify the identification and collection of relevant data through inbuilt analysis tools ensuring that only relevant data is escalated for costly attorney review.

Beyond information governance and compliance, Capital Novus’ nayaEdge empowers corporations with complete control and oversight of the discovery process. By simplifying the identification and collection of data up-front, nayaEdge leads to a drastic reduction in discovery related expenses. With automated, rule based, collection and storage of data from multiple sources, nayaEdge ensures that the required information is easily retrievable when needed. Rule based classifications can also be configured to automatically pre-categorize documents as potentially responsive or privilege in advance of document collection.  This, coupled with nayaEdge’s innovative analysis features, allow corporations the ability to conduct their own preliminary Early Case Assessment at the onset of the discovery process to ensure that only the most relevant information is further escalated for discovery purposes. Once relevant data is identified, nayaEdge’s seamless integration with Captial Novus’ discovery solution, eZSuite, or any other industry standard tool, facilitates a streamlined transition for further treatment and document review



A comprehensive Information Governance and Smart Archival Solution

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eZSuite is a unique and powerful end-to-end eDiscovery solution that covers the entire litigation lifecycle.

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