File Analysis

Consolidated File Analysis and Management

File AnalysisAs the proliferation of data increases exponentially, organizations are challenged to store or defensibly eliminate enterprise data at the same rate. Obsolete, outdated, and duplicate versions of files take up valuable storage space, while highly relevant data might live on a network unsecured.  Manual storage and deletion processes require money, time, and resources and risk human error. Even the first step of simply identifying all data across an enterprise is challenging when, for example, information is buried deep within file sharing solutions or otherwise containered, encrypted, or password protected. Manual deletion carries the risk of erasing critical data such as that related to litigation or regulatory compliance. Absent robust internal employee restrictions, regulated and confidential data (financial/health/personal information) may be inadvertently or intentional disclosed.

nayaEdge the Capital Novus Information Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution, is a scalable and defensible way to analyze, secure, and manage enterprise data. nayaEdge enables managers and IT professionals to leverage the efficiency and accuracy of technology to reduce cost, storage, and risk while increasing security and confidence – also providing a vehicle for business practice improvement in areas such as compliance, document retention, and litigation readiness. Using metadata and content searching, data source integration, and robust reporting, nayaEdge surfaces actionable file information through a single-platform interface – providing a comprehensive view of the nature and location of an organization’s data and knowledge assets. It automatically enforces business rules matching legal or business policies for migration, preservation, de-duplication, archiving, and purging of data, thereby enhancing compliance and litigation readiness in an auditable and defensible manner. And once in place, these rules can remain in place, avoiding the need for future projects to re-do the same manual processes on ever increasing data sizes.

nayaEdge saves organizations time and resources when managing enterprise data. It reduces the footprint of system data, provides a map of the corporate data landscape, mitigates risk and liability, and instills confidence in IT professionals and organizational management that enterprise data is secure, organized, and under control.



A comprehensive Information Governance and Smart Archival Solution

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