Legal Hold

Legal Hold

Legal HoldThe legal hold is a critical necessity required for properly preserving evidence in the event of anticipated litigation. However well-intentioned, failing to do so adequately can result in evidence spoliation and sanctions leading to hefty monetary fines and unnecessarily costing corporations millions. Without a sufficient process or solution, Legal Departments can find themselves manually issuing and tracking legal hold notices to their employee base. Employees are then left unsupervised to manage and maintain their own corporate data, without true oversight that their methodology is defensible and in compliance with preservation requirements. Lacking the proper tools to identify data sources and ensure the required parties are in compliance with the hold notice, the process often becomes tedious, inefficient and risky.

Legal departments need a comprehensive solution to identify sources and custodians of relevant data and surreptitiously preserve that data without relying on the onus of individual employees. The ability to integrate multiple data sources in order to efficiently search, identify and maintain all required data is essential. Empowering Legal Departments with a solution that rapidly detects and preserves relevant data will result is a simplified process and timely response to preservation requirements.

By integrating smart archival processes, rule based data categorization, comprehensive data analysis tools and automated purge control all into one solution, nayaEdge exemplifies how efficient Legal Hold management can be. With nayaEdge, Legal Departments can easily capture data from various sources by creating an appropriate collection criterion that matches the scope of the information potentially responsive to upcoming litigation. Relevant data is then preserved, preventing any risk of inadvertent deletion, so that responsive information is readily available as required for further review or assessment. By deploying nayaEdge, organizations can significantly mitigate the risk of possible legal sanctions through better, and defensible data preservation and legal hold management.



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