Legal Hold Litigation Readiness

Legal Hold & Litigation Readiness

Discovery ManagerEnd-to-End Data Management from Information Governance to Litigation

Built on proven Information Governance, Risk and Compliance expertise, nayaEdge by Capital Novus offers a data management system that improves litigation readiness, automates legal holds and reduces litigation costs. By empowering corporations with complete control and oversight of the legal discovery process, nayaEdge uses smart archival processes, rule based data categorization, comprehensive data analysis and automated purge control to ensure cost-effective discovery management.

When litigation strikes, nayaEdge ensures information is identified, preserved and easily retrievable in a defensible, cost-effective manner. Taking advantage of the knowledge embedded in the data, nayaEdge identifies sources and custodians of relevant data and preserves the data without placing the onus on employees. Integrating multiple data sources to efficiently search, identify and maintain all required data, nayaEdge detects and preserves relevant data in a simplified process, meeting preservation and data governance requirements.

Saving additional time and money, nayaEdge seamlessly integrates with a sophisticated suite of E-Discovery tools streamlining the entire legal hold, early case assessment and e-Discovery process

Benefits and capabilities include:

  • An integrated framework for litigation preparedness, legal hold and Discovery Management
  • Extensive fact finding, data mining, concept analytics, visual and intelligent culling
  • Efficient and effective early case assessment
  • Standard workflow and enforced best practices
  • Legal risk mitigation and reduced e-Discovery costs
  • Scalable software for any sized business



A comprehensive Information Governance and Smart Archival Solution

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