Litigation readiness with nayaEdge & eZSuite

Litigation Readiness

Litigation ReadinessIn the legal world, clients are often faced with situations where they are reacting to an impending litigation. As such, it often leads to hasty decisions that can have heavy risks associated with it. Being litigation ready is a matter of being proactive, assertive, and prepared to initiate the various steps  within the legal process. Capital Novus consultants are experienced with helping our clients to build such an approach.

Capital Novus can design and configure systems to  comply  and confirm to record retention policies, refine legal hold processes, prepare an effective litigation readiness checklist and much more. Leveraging the legal and data management expertise, Capital Novus’ Litigation Readiness solution ensures clients to  quickly identify, manage, preserve, search and collect pertinent information from their enterprise in a defensible manner. In the process, clients gain adequate understanding  to  manage their own content and they also learn to  better map the corporate data landscape while identifying varied data sources with potential litigation impact. All steps are audited, documented, and done in a repeatable manner.

In addition, by taking advantage of prior knowledge and business intelligence, case teams can quickly identify content that is responsive to a matter. From that point, teams can assess  the burden on  litigation and moreover they have  the ability to quickly understand project scope and estimate costs. Capital Novus’ Litigation Readiness solution incorporates the ability to perform efficient and effective early case assessment, extensive fact finding, data mining, concept analytics, visual and intelligent culling, and early stages of review.



A comprehensive Information Governance and Smart Archival Solution

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eZSuite is a unique and powerful end-to-end eDiscovery solution that covers the entire litigation lifecycle.

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