Record Retention

Records Retention

Automated Retention and Destruction Processes Across an Enterprise

An organization that does not follow a records retention schedule is at risk to the same extent as a company that does not have one. To remain compliant, retention schedules must be followed to ensure records are consistently maintained and destroyed at the appropriate time.

nayaEdge provides an automated framework to efficiently administer a records retention process while providing a window into business operations. For each data source, record store and document type, the system manages the retention and destruction to predefined schedules with automatic deletion and/or removal.

The opportunity is to centralize data management to ensure compliance while measuring and reporting key metrics within a records retention program. By including content searching, data source integration, and robust reporting in a records retention program, the system improves compliance while providing deeper insight into data repositories

Information is managed according to its value to the business, not simply to maintain where it resides.

enterprise record management

  1. Centralize Your Data - Gain deep insights or structured and unstructured data
  2. Align With Business Processes
  3. Make Better Decisions with Insight


Abolish Data Silos and Improve Records Maintenance and Retention

Compliance goals are achieved with major benefits to business operations

  • Compliance with statutory regulations and retention schedules
  • Reduced cost (store only those records that need to be retained)
  • Improved access to records to support business operations, audit and litigation requests
  • Minimized risk by retaining records only for the retention period
  • Reduced security risks
  • Improved visibility into enterprise operations
  • Instant access to contextual information

  • Faster decision making
  • Increased collaboration



A comprehensive Information Governance and Smart Archival Solution

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