Smart Archiving

Consolidated Document Retention and Archiving

Smart ArchivingIn an ever increasing world of Big Data, corporations are challenged to maintain relevant business and operational related information from multiple data sources and in redundant formats. Forced to often reactively reconcile relevant information from decentralized data silos including employee email, mobile devices, individual work stations, shared storage, cloud storage or enterprise systems, corporations are often left scrambling to in order to comply with government regulations, internal and external investigations, and audit requirements.  Many simply rely on disaster recovery sources as their primary data archiving and information management solution, which results in the over identification of irrelevant and duplicative data translating to unnecessarily high data volumes, time and consequently cost.

Corporations can minimize the burden and risks associated with legal, compliance and data management by proactively maintaining a single instance of relevant data in a centralized, smart data repository.  By easily automating rules for data storage, the right solution will absorb this burden by controlling what data is stored, how and why it is required to be maintained and for how long.  As a result, Legal and IT departments have the information they need at their fingertips, enabling transparent analysis with minimal effort for retrieval if needed.

Capital Novus’ nayaEdge technology is the smart data repository essential for managing, accessing, and controlling all types of key business data. By providing one solution to efficiently archive data stores collected from multiple information sources, corporations are able to inherently adhere to industry and government regulations and standards. nayaEdge enables organizations to identify, classify, organize, and defensibly dispose of data, while also providing a means to truly understand business processes. The result? Reduced storage and infrastructure, increased efficiencies, lower eDiscovery costs, and reduced risk.



A comprehensive Information Governance and Smart Archival Solution

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