unified governance

Unifed Governance Approach to Information

nayaEdge delivers the necessary tools to allow for a unified governance approach to information.

It covers all elements of IGRM (Information Governance Reference Model) and caters to key Information Governance stakeholders e.g. Business, IT, RIM, and Legal.

Unified Governance

In most organizations, IT is responsible to increase efficiency and lower cost. nayaEdge allows for collaboration and unified governance, which in turn empowers IT to make decisions based on what information has value or what legal obligation applies to specific information.nayaEdge helps organizations manage data efficiently by linking precise legal obligations and utility of specific information to the information assets (specific containers of information).

The nayaEdge’s ability to automate GRC policy enforcement, in addition to its content intelligence and unified governance and collaboration approach, allows for better control over enterprise information and timely and accurate decisions. The nayaEdge delivers:

  • Automate collection with connectors for all corporate data sources
  • Analysis of files stored on enterprise locations
  • Automated rules based data classification
  • Smart Archiving based on business rules for different type of data sources
  • Monitoring compliance of company and legally mandated policies
  • Satisfaction of Legal Hold requirements for eDiscovery and litigation
  • Handling of international/General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Management of Discovery

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A comprehensive Information Governance and Smart Archival Solution

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