Implement a Comprehensive Performance Management System

Gear GraphicGovernments today have become increasingly interested in Performance Management – steering the organization on a day-to-day basis toward the results-oriented outcomes that will define its success. Implemented effectively, a Performance Management system is a powerful means for maximizing program efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire organization – whether a small municipality or a large federal agency. But there are essential steps in doing this well.

A truly effective Performance Management system is comprehensive. It involves setting longer-term goals specifying the desired outcomes, generally as part of a strategic plan – and then linking these measures to program performance targets in the annual budget. It means linking the higher-level goals in the budget down to the day-to-day activities that managers actually manage – and which will ultimately determine the program’s results. It means ensuring that managers get timely performance data throughout the year, so that they can spot areas that need attention and make the necessary adjustments. And it requires involvement by the support functions (human resources, information technology, financial management, etc.) to ensure that managers get the tools and staff training required to maximize program performance in pursuit of those goals. 

Cascade is the comprehensive Performance Management solution that does all of this, and more. Simply stated, Cascade is the most effective solution designed specifically for government to implement a system of real Performance Management. It can be integrated with existing financial management and budgeting systems – so it is the add-on that turns what already exists into a power Performance Management system.

Cascade includes a standard set of modules for implementing Performance Management, with a great deal of flexibility built in – including several optional functions that can be toggled on or off as needed. These capabilities include strategic planning, performance budgeting, performance reporting, and performance analysis – along with the added ability to support both priority-based budgeting and zero-based budgeting.

Cascade also includes a variety of unique features that make its approach to Performance Management particularly useful. For example, it can spotlight those program areas that are assessed as likely to overachieve or underachieve in delivering performance cost-effectiveness.  It can track measurable changes in a program’s efficiency, through the unit costs of outputs. It incorporates a wide range of performance scorecards, dashboards, dials, trend-line graphs, and other performance analysis and reporting tools. Cascade also provides an extensive set of expert guidance on developing effective performance plans, etc. – easily accessible through various links on the user screens, and all of which can be edited to meet the organization’s particular needs.

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