Understand the How and Why of Program Performance

Gear GraphicReporting performance levels and results helps show what has happened, but managers need to understand why. Drilling down through several levels of performance data is an important step, but so too is being able to make comparisons – analyzing performance trends and performance interrelationships. Scorecards and dashboards and dials are often not enough to see these relationships.

Cascade includes several useful tools for analyzing performance data and developing an understanding of the why, and not just the what. Charts and graphs show multi-year and month-to-month performance trends for any measure. Selected trend charts can be posted to a manager’s own dashboard for analysis. Trend-lines for multiple measures can be overlaid onto the same graph, to reveal potential interrelationships in performance – between different areas and various programs.

And Cascade has other features that also enable a better understanding of why performance is trending the way it is. For example, its Performance View shows how lower-level activities are impacting high-level outcomes throughout the year. Quarterly notes for each goal can explain why a particular level of performance was achieved as compared to the planned target. 



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