Track Program Performance Throughout the Year

Gear GraphicMany local governments and larger agencies now report selected measures of actual performance on their websites, showing their citizens year-end program results over a range of public services. However, too often there is not much ongoing performance data being reported below this, throughout the year for use by program managers to track efficiency and effectiveness and to manage-for-results. 

Cascade supports real Performance Management by giving managers at every level the performance reporting tools they need to improve efficiency and maximize results. With performance scorecards for each measure, to show actual versus planned throughout the year, and personalized dashboards to track selected measures, every manager can use the system to manage-for results – seeing where “course corrections” and other adjustments are needed mid-year, and spotlighting areas of success to be emulated.

And Cascade does much more to ensure that its performance reporting is a power tool for real performance management. Each goal’s performance dial can be customized – e.g., achieving 80% of target might be red for one goal but yellow for another. The updated status of each goal’s performance is automatically rated green, yellow, or red – and current goal listings for each rating are shown. 

For U.S. federal government agencies, the Federal version of Cascade is specifically designed to meet the performance reporting requirements of GPRA, the GPRA Modernization Act, and OMB Circular A-11.



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