Continual Process Improvement

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The nature of legal case work requires attorneys to continually evaluate and reevaluate case information inserting skill, judgment, and experience to complex and non-routine activities. This process of ongoing and continual review means that legal matters rarely follow a straight path from start to finish. As a result, legal process improvement is often viewed as too time consuming, too difficult to implement.

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) offers a systematic framework to capture, measure and improve legal operations that may or may not be well-defined today. Using a continual process improvement approach, our solution manages complex, information-intensive projects in a more structured, predictable and repeatable way. We utilize iterative and agile practices to track and report meaningful case information, enforce standard procedures and improve decision making during the full life-cycle of a legal matter.


Initially developed for litigation support to track eDiscovery, Dynamic Case Management has evolved to provide attorneys important insights into legal operations from case initiation through trial. It measures the health of legal matters, providing valuable information regarding the effective utilization of resources and captures critical metrics to permit the most informed decisions regarding costs and budgeting. With our proven solution, attorneys measure who did what, how was it done and can we do it better next time.

Dynamic Case Management provides:

  • Clear, Contextualized Communication. Provides information to decision makers through clear communication of project details and deadlines.
  • Metric Reporting. Improves management of project details, costs, metrics, schedules and risks.
  • Best Practices. Shares knowledge and workflows to deliver more effective and efficient legal services.



eZManage offers litigation support staff an easy and straightforward platform for managing all tasks in-house.

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