Knowledge is Information Combined with Experience and Judgment

With increasing legal costs and corporate scrutiny, law firms and legal departments must be accountable and must demonstrate value to remain competitive. eZManage is a proven project management system that introduces continual process improvement by aligning project success to business value delivered. 

Much more than planning, tracking and monitoring of eDiscovery projects, eZManage combines a composite set of features including project management, business analysis and process improvement to elevate the roll of case manager to valued partner. The more team members use the case information portal, the more valuable it becomes.

eZManage provides opportunity for all stakeholders to combine their experiences and judgment with case details to provide valuable knowledge to decision makers. In many ways, it is a business intelligence system with task tracking and data management features. As the need to capture and communicate project details has become a high priority, so has the need for a project management solution that is driven by business value.

Litigation support is at its best when it: 

  • Acts as “Stewards of Information” documenting who did what, when, and when
  • Works with standard processes, ensuring repetition and quality controls
  • Proactively uses empirical data to advise and consult with attorneys
  • Develops and tests projected costs, timelines and other expected values
  • Measuring results from one matter thereby improving processes

Approach – Dynamic Case Management

Litigation or practice support professionals (LSP) are often inserted into projects or legal matters at any number of points in the process. While it is ideal to be involved from the earliest meetings, it is often necessary to support attorneys and paralegals after being inserted into an ongoing matter. In one case, documentation might be initiated with a media intake entry, another may initiate at data acquisition, or yet in another case at database administration.

With eZManage each phase from data Identification, through production and data archiving are managed with flexibility and accuracy.

From 14 years’ extensive use, eZManage combines a flexible, central ticketing system with a structured workflow to provide a dynamic case management tool. Levering eDiscovery expertise and collaboration software, eZManage offers attorneys and litigation support professionals a proven methodology to properly track and manage electronic discovery matters.

The flexible manner in which tasks and case details are managed drives a dynamic process which may change from one case to the next. To the extent a case team member can add more value; eZManage provides a structured opportunity to do so. 

eZManage provides opportunities for case teams to:

1. Assign and monitor tasks
2. Develop requirements
3. Document job specifications
4. Capture metrics for planning purposes
5. Manage vendors and invoices
6. Develop cost projections and budgets

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eZManage offers litigation support staff an easy and straightforward platform for managing all tasks in-house.

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