E Discovery Ticketing System

Standard Initiation and Monitoring of All ESI Requests

Highly effective Project Management systems start with a central task list. Managing tasks in a ticketing system is the single most effective way to introduce standard policies and procedures across all legal matters. With a list in place, standard steps can be introduced, managed and enforced. Adding dashboard reporting, central task management ensures tasks across all projects are logged, time stamped and monitored until each item is properly closed.

E Discovery Ticketing System benefits

When implemented with project management, project details such as collection, processing, review and production of paper and electronically stored information (ESI) are managed with defined minimum standards and shared best practices resulting in more predictable and repeatable projects. Employees work uniformly and consistently across all matters.

eZManage – All Employees Work as Well as The Best

Project Management with eZManage offers a shared ‘to do’ list that enforces effective communication, planning and sharing of project details. It frames or otherwise ensures minimum standards and best practices are followed and projects are managed uniformly. From the defined minimum standards, benchmarks are drawn to show incremental process improvement.

Upon receipt of a new task or request, a pre-defined workflow is started. The request, either received via email or documented by a staff member ‘over-the-counter,’ kicks off a series of steps to be managed until the task is closed or otherwise marked completed. The workflow is defined based upon the type of task or request. 

During the life-cycle of each category of task, quality control measures and metrics are documented to ensure continual improvement. With eZManage, all employees work as well as the best employees.

With eZManage:


View all tasks in a central list
Evenly distribute assignments
Ensure tasks do not fall through the cracks and are completed on time
Enforce uniform procedures
Enjoy strong and reliable process control and documented QC
Share and transfer knowledge of what was done, by whom and when
Manage vendors, better allocate resources
Introduce budgeting



eZManage offers litigation support staff an easy and straightforward platform for managing all tasks in-house.

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