Trial Graphics and Presentation

Once the data is whittled down during the discovery process, a legal team is left with the key evidence and elements of a case. How the evidence is presented at trial can make or break the case. Capital Novus’s visual strategy consulting services provide clients with persuasive presentations and animations that are flawlessly delivered, along with other evidence, at trials and hearings around the world. As experts in information design, the team leverages its imaginative thinking to bring an unmatched level of creativity in the development of clear and compelling visuals.


As former litigators from large law firms with extensive trial experience and unmatched skills in information design, Capital Novus’s team of consultants understand the pressure clients face and the responsiveness model required to succeed at trial. More importantly, the team understands that simple and effective presentations are the path to victory for any proceeding.

Analytically-Minded Graphic Designers

Our Graphic design specialists are experts in information design and understand how best to portray complex information to teach, captivate and persuade an audience.

Trial Technicians

Sitting in the "hot seat" at trial, Capital Novus’s seasoned and cool-headed trial technicians flawlessly present the evidence, graphics and animation in courts and other venues across the globe.

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