Trial Presentation Services

Corporate Presentations

Executives, in-house and outside counsel call on our Trial Presentation and Graphics team to assist in the preparation of high-level corporate presentations. These presentations are given to boards of directors, heads of corporate departments, and company employees (e.g., to explain how to implement and abide by Consent Orders, corporate policies, etc.). The team also creates simple, streamlined corporate presentations to be given to governmental authorities and to the press to explain a corporate position or message on a particular topic. Whether these presentations are created as part of a litigation or investigation, or in a non-litigious context (e.g., to present the benefits of a merger), Capital Novus’ Trial Presentation and Graphics team work with the goal to understand the facts and issues at hand and present them in an informative and persuasive manner. The team works closely with clients to ensure that this goal is achieved no matter the challenge or context.

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