Trial Presentation Services

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The Capital Novus team specializes in creating persuasive visual strategies and flawlessly presenting case narratives in courts and other venues around the world. No matter the circumstances, the team seamlessly integrates with a legal team. Areas of expertise include:

Trial, Arbitration & Mediation

  • Demonstratives for Opening and Closing arguments, examination of witnesses (including specialized/technical expert witnesses), and cross-examination of the opposing side’s witnesses

Markman Hearings

  • Graphics and animation to support claim construction arguments as well as illuminate complicated subject matter with clear and effective presentations


  • Streamlined and effective animations to demonstrate esoteric and technical subject matter, whether in PowerPoint, live in court, or submitted to the court on a DVD using Flash combined with narrated voiceover

Jury & Moot Exercises

  • Graphics and animation prepared to represent the arguments for both sides of the case (including Opening, Closing, witness examinations, etc.) in order to effectively test the theories and legal arguments of the case

Briefs, Witness Statements & Expert Reports

  • Graphics, schematics, charts, and other demonstratives to clarify legal arguments, expert opinions and testimony

Summary Judgment Hearings and Other Pretrial Hearings

  • Graphics and animation to support summary judgment and other pretrial hearings, including preliminary injunction hearings

ITC Hearings

  • Graphics for witness statements submitted prior to the hearing, as well as demonstratives to support arguments live at the hearing


  • Graphics and animation to support settlement negotiations, as well graphics submitted in press releases announcing settlements

Governmental Investigations & Congressional Hearings

  • Presentations and demonstratives for use in governmental investigations, settlement talks, or during congressional hearings

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