Trial Consulting Services: Trial, Arbitration & Mediation

Trial Consulting

Capital Novus’ expert Trial Consultants offer a comprehensive set of services including the creation of compelling presentations and animations, recommendations as to overall visual strategies for all stages of litigation and other contexts, and the expert delivery of graphics and other evidence in court by seasoned trial technicians. Capital Novus’ experienced attorney-consultants, graphic designers, and trial technicians can assist throughout the lifecycle of a trial, hearing, or investigation.

Shaped by years of experience supporting the most complex cases and high-stakes cases around the world, the Trial Consulting team’s unique approach yields the very best opportunity for a successful collaboration with clients. This process includes the following areas.

Pre-Engagement Research and Analysis

The team comprised of attorney-consultants study all relevant documents, including pleadings, substantive motions, patents, and other available information to enable the team to "hit the ground running" immediately upon being hired for the engagement.

Comprehensive Intake and Strategy Meeting

The team engages in a detailed conversation with the appropriate members of a case team to discuss the most critical aspects of the litigation, including the case narrative and the flow of the evidence that the trial team will present starting with opening statements, witness testimony, and through closing. Capital Novus’ Trial Consultants will also hold an initial discussion on presentation content and visual strategy, and balance the pros and cons of several approaches for case teams to consider.

Demonstrative Analysis and Implementation

Following the intake meeting, the Trial Consulting team will consider and recommend strategic approaches to creating a compelling visual strategy for a case, and will begin executing on that strategy to bring the narrative and case themes to life by combining expertise in effective information design with industry experience gleaned from working on hundreds of similar cases.

Trial Presentation Development

An understanding of the most effective means for presenting concepts and facts to persuade an audience, coupled with unparalleled creativity and methodology for executing the most effective visual presentation of the narrative and legal arguments of a case, the Trial Consulting team seamlessly becomes an extension of the trial team.

Ongoing Collaboration and Communication Throughout the Engagement

From the outset, Trial Consultants establish and closely adhere to an effective communication plan with a trial team. By outlining the requirements for graphics and setting deadlines that must be met throughout the life of the case, concerns or misunderstandings are minimized, commitments and expectations are met, as well as efficient use of resources are guaranteed. Every project is assigned two attorney-consultants who remain dedicated to working on the matter through its conclusion to ensure the trial team is supported every step of the way.

Our trial consultants are attuned to winning, and are
committed to achieving success.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Trial, Arbitration & Mediation
  • Markman
  • Hearings
  • Tutorials
  • Jury & Moot Exercises
  • Briefs & Expert Reports
  • Summary Judgment Hearings
  • Preliminary Injunction Hearings
  • ITC Hearings
  • Settlements
  • Governmental Investigations & Congressional Hearings
  • Corporate Presentations
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