Trial Technician services

Trial Technician Services

Capital Novus’ seasoned Trial Technicians consistently demonstrate their skills in the hot seat, delivering effective data management and flawless presentation of documents, audio/video media, and demonstratives in courts nationwide. Each Trial Technician is equipped with years of experience working under extreme pressure and showing results. No matter the technical challenge, any obstacle is overcome with our cool-headed and professional approach.

Before trial, Capital Novus’ Trial Technicians prepare the case database as well as coordinate the evidence and the demonstratives during practice run-throughs with witnesses and counsel. Live in court, technicians seamlessly pull up key evidence "on the fly" as well as presentations and animations previously created by the Trial Graphics and Presentations team to ensure they are in sync with the witness testimony and/or with the attorney’s presentation of the case narrative. The Trial Technicians will also assess the technology in the courtroom and provide recommendations regarding additional equipment that may be necessary to ensure the most effective presentation of a case.

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